There comes a moment in every woman executive or entrepreneur’s life to take BOLD actions. Some women who reached the top did so with the trusted help of a business advisor, a coach or a mentor – someone who was on their side, sharing key insights and knowledge.


SOAR program emphasizes on identifying and overcoming challenges women face such as finding work-life balance and exclusion from the decision-makers’ circle. SOAR focuses on women professional and women entrepreneurs:


For professional women and executives, that means transitioning your way up the corporate or executive ladder from the beginning of a career to the top. We work with fresh graduates, assisting them entering the business world and each component builds on the next for sequential and upward career changes


For women entrepreneurs, our business coach will facilitate clarifying your vision, mission, strategy and goals for business growth.  We work with you to develop strategy and business plans; to recruit, develop and retain top talent and build stronger teams, to create a high-performance culture focused on accountability and results. Using your strengths, goals and competencies, your business advisor helps you develop a strategy from start up to succession and every phase in between.


Each program is tailored to meet you where you are right this minute and support you throughout the many phases of business growth. Each session is designed around you and your goals. Your BOLD coach will push, pull, challenge and support you to reach where you aspire to be.

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  • LINK© - Middle Management Leadership

    The successful execution of any business strategy depends on the strength and capability of middle managers.

    ELEVATE© - Strategic Human Capital Leadership

    Effective human capital leadership goes far beyond managing human resources operations.

    LEAD© - Leadership For All

    LEAD emphasizes the premise that we are all leaders and that leadership starts from leading self to leading others.

    PASS© - Professional Administrative Support Services

    BOLD Solutions Provider’s Professional Administrative Support Program (PASS©) is a tailored development program for assistants of different experience levels.

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