Onwards and upwards!

Looking forward to the prosperous days ahead. Team BOLD in action yesterday. Thanks Rana, Maya, Emma and to Jad. Follow us on twitter: BOLD and on Instagram: doitboldy


What an amazing time we’re having at the HR summit in Dubai; meeting so many people from different walks of life, attending the shows and the speed-networking, catching up with old acquaintances and making new ones. We invite you to come and join us for the last day. Share the fun and happiness with us. Go Team Bold!!

Leading with Elegance, From Leading Self to Leading Others

How many times have you found your mind wandering to work-related issues, even when you’re not at work? Have you spent sleepless nights thinking about what you said to a work colleague and worrying about their reactions or wishing you’d said or did something different instead? You’re not alone. These are things every conscientious person does, throughout his or her career, especially in the early years.


Dealing with managers, colleagues, suppliers, clients and employees with style is a learned skill that improves with time and practice. You gain confidence to make the right decisions in workplace situations as you gain more experience and insight.


Sometimes there are no right or wrong answers. Sometimes it depends on the situation, the people involved and the issue. You can never go wrong if you lead yourself and other with elegance and style. Doing so is far easier when you have someone to lean on for advice or a way to find answers. Successful people surround themselves with like people.

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What Does Success Mean to You?

Success comes in many different forms. For some of us, success is a promotion and more responsibility. For others, it’s breaking out on your own and creating a profitable business. Regardless of how success manifests itself, you have to define what it means to you before you achieve it. Defining success on your terms means evaluating your ideas of triumph, acceptable growth and how they align with your core values.


There will come a time when you are a success. Maybe you have already reached a level of success and are looking for what comes next. Either way, taking the time to identify what you really want and being able to accept when those milestones are reached helps you feel more satisfied with life and career for the long run.

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