Leading with Elegance, From Leading Self to Leading Others

How many times have you found your mind wandering to work-related issues, even when you’re not at work? Have you spent sleepless nights thinking about what you said to a work colleague and worrying about their reactions or wishing you’d said or did something different instead? You’re not alone. These are things every conscientious person does, throughout his or her career, especially in the early years.


Dealing with managers, colleagues, suppliers, clients and employees with style is a learned skill that improves with time and practice. You gain confidence to make the right decisions in workplace situations as you gain more experience and insight.


Sometimes there are no right or wrong answers. Sometimes it depends on the situation, the people involved and the issue. You can never go wrong if you lead yourself and other with elegance and style. Doing so is far easier when you have someone to lean on for advice or a way to find answers. Successful people surround themselves with like people.


What Does It Mean to “Lead with Elegance?”

“Leading with Elegance” means simplicity, beauty of manner, dignity, style and grace in our dealings with self and others.  Its two major foundations are positivity and respect. By being positive, you will be automatically equipped with hope and optimism. You believe in yourself and achieve your goals. With smart and hard work you overcome challenges. You can do wonders.


When you respect yourself and others, you certainly gain others’ respect, which builds trust and relationships.


Leading self involves defining a vision; achieving goals; building a brand; leading emotions; being sincere, resilient, assertive and accountable; showing humility; spending time efficiently; being an effective communicator; managing stress; making sound decisions… and the list goes on and on.


Leading others includes our relationships with family, friends, subordinates, managers, peers, employees regardless of where they fall in your hierarchy. Also, it involves relationships with clients and other stakeholders by building trust, managing and preventing conflict, building powerful teams, influencing others even without formal authority, and so on.



Leading Versus Being Led

Think of one incident that kept you up at night or you found yourself wondering if you lead yourself and the relationship or was led by it or others. Should or could you have handled it with elegance? How?


Leading with Elegance, From Leading Self to Leading Others, Aisha and Hamad in the Workplace is a new book in Arabic language that may help you answer these questions.


It is available in: www.souq.com


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