What Does Success Mean to You?

Success comes in many different forms. For some of us, success is a promotion and more responsibility. For others, it’s breaking out on your own and creating a profitable business. Regardless of how success manifests itself, you have to define what it means to you before you achieve it. Defining success on your terms means evaluating your ideas of triumph, acceptable growth and how they align with your core values.


There will come a time when you are a success. Maybe you have already reached a level of success and are looking for what comes next. Either way, taking the time to identify what you really want and being able to accept when those milestones are reached helps you feel more satisfied with life and career for the long run.


While professional coaching and development programs can guide you in setting goals and helping reach them, only you can decide what those goals should be.  Take personal, financial, family and professional goals into account. For example, is success growing your business’s profitability or increasing your salary to the point where you take extravagant vacations annually? Is success setting enough money aside to fund your retirement? Maybe you’ll grow your current business to the point of sale and move on to your next idea?


Ask yourself the following questions and answer them not how others expect you to answer, but what is really meaningful to you.


  1. How will you know you’re personally successful? What does success look like? What attributes does it have?
  2. At what point is your career or business a success? Is it a specific position? Is it a certain level of revenue?
  3. Once you reach your predetermined level of success, how will you celebrate or honor your achievement?


Part of feeling successful requires properly acknowledging it.


With your definitions of success in place, you can use those to guide your decision-making. When every step you take leads you closer to your idea of success, you’ll make real advances in your business or career. And your life…

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